Who is SkinzMasks.com?

We Are SKINZ® Swimwear.  A swimsuit manufacturer located in Clearwater, FL.  Since 1986 we have been making sexy swimwear for men & women.  In this time of need we decided to do our part and convert some of our manufacturing to accomodate making masks. 

What are the benefits of this Mask?

The COVID-19 virus has presented a rapid need for proper personal protection equipment (PPE), including face masks, for medical needs as well as general use by the public. There are basically (2) types of masks, surgical masks and N95 respirators. This mask is a surgical style mask.

It is intended to keep people around you safer when you sneeze or cough, as it catches droplets in the lining (fine nylon/lycra filter).
It will keep you safer from the sneezes and coughs of people around you as it catches droplets in the outer layer (fine nylon/lycra filter).
It serves as a reminder to keep your own hands and fingers away from your mouth and nose.

How to Put on the Mask?

  1. Grab the outside loopes
  2. Cover your mouth and nose
  3. Stretch the outside loops over your ears
  4. Reposition as needed with the outside loops

How to Take off the Mask?

  1. Grab the outside loopes
  2. Gently stretch the outside loops over and away from your ears
  3. Keep your hands away from the front of the mask
  4. Drop into a cold water wash (see below) or plastic baggie for washing later

When to Change the Mask?

  1. It’s best to have several masks with you at all times
  2. After you go out for groceries or medication or you come within 6 feet of others
  3. If someone sneezes or coughs on you
  4. Your warm breath will have moisture in it. It can get warm and moist inside the mask over time. This fabric is quick dry. Take it off and let it dry out if it becomes uncomfortable. Have multiple masks. Change as needed to stay dry and comfortableDaily
  5. Put the discarded mask in a plastic baggie and seal, drop into a cold water wash when you get home.

How to Wash the Mask?

  1. Use mild detergent and/or non-chlorine bleach only
  2. Do not wash in hot water; cold water is advised to extend the life of the fabric
  3. Isopropyl Alcohol may be used for spot cleaning and sanitization purposes. It is advised to test alcohol on a small inconspicuous area first.

Disclaimer: Skinzmasks.com facemasks have not been tested in a laboratory or with an expert on personal protective equipment (PPE.). Skinzmasks.com face masks solely provide a physical barrier, and any statements based on the possible prevention of infections is solely based on the opinion of skinzmasks.com, and cannot guarantee any preventntion as no tests were performed to substantiate these recommendations. Skinzmasks.Com takes no liability regarding the performance of our surgical style masks.